Learn to play the market bagpipe

The modern interpretation of a medieval instrument that impresses with its powerful sound. The market bagpipe, often referred to as the medieval bagpipe, was developed in the early 1980s. Their construction is based on medieval illustrations and modern requirements for volume and playability.

The modern market bagpipe was developed by Klaus Stecker and Roman Streisand, among others. Their aim was to create an instrument that would be suitable for outdoor performances and offer a similar volume to the Great Highland Bagpipes. The development of the chanter began on the basis of shawms in F and led through several adaptations to today’s A Dorian market bag chanter, which is particularly suitable for medieval pieces in minor and Dorian.

Playing the market bagpipe depends on the right breathing technique and dexterity. The study of modern playing styles and historical models provides a good introduction. The typical features of the market bagpipe are its chanter pipes with steep cone and bell funnels as well as the iconographically authentic design with octave and fifth bourdon in the forked double wooden stock.

Here you will find a selection of books to help you learn to play the market bagpipe. These books offer you comprehensive instructions, historical background and practical exercises to deepen your skills on this impressive instrument. Have fun browsing and discovering – the right books are waiting for you!

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Showing all 2 results