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Glad you found your way to us. Since 1988, the Verlag der Spielleute has offered a diverse range of books and recordings devoted entirely to traditional folk music and folk dancing. Our focus is on instructional books and sheet music collections for bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, accordion, nyckelharpa, Jew’s harp and many other instruments. Our music publishing house offers specialized literature for Bodun music as well as dance instructions for European folk dances.

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Specialist publisher for drone and traditional music

As a specialist publisher of Bodun music, we are proud to be part of the traditional folk music community and aim to inspire and support with our publications. Having arrived in the present, we are expanding our focus to include the entire pan-European traditional music culture.

If you have any questions or need advice, we are of course at your disposal. Our goal is to pave your way to folk music, to promote the traditional music culture and to give you always new impulses.

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Publishing house of the minstrels