Firefly Erstelle ein Aquarell das einen traditionellen Buchhandler zeigt bigger

For the book trade

Welcome to Verlag der Spielleute, your specialist for traditional music and partner in the book trade. Since 1988 we have been involved in the cultivation and dissemination of drone and traditional music, offering everything from textbooks to collections of sheet music. As a commercial customer, you enjoy special trade conditions in our webshop, including discounts and stock information that make your purchase efficient.

Orders in the webshop

Order via dealer access and benefit from automatic discounts and real-time inventory information. Please apply by email to As proof, please send us your trade license or excerpt from the commercial register.

Your advantages when ordering in the webshop:

  • No waiting time due to manual processing
  • Extra discount in comparison Order by phone/e-mail/other
  • Information on the availability of titles in real time
  • Automatic discounting based on your order quantity
  • Usually cheaper than via the bar range

Conditions for booksellers

The table shows you, as a bookseller, the different conditions for the discount you get when you buy books. The discount is expressed as a percentage and varies depending on the number of copies you purchase.

Number of copies (mixed)Discount in webshop (%)Discount via phone/e-mail/etc. (%)
1 – 430 %25 %
from 535 %30 %
from 1040 %35 %
from 2045 %40 %
from 3050 %45 %
from 5055 %50 %
from 10060 %55 %

These conditions are specifically for booksellers like you and have been set by the Verlag der Spielleute. The discount allows you to purchase books at a lower price, which can help you improve your profit margins or make more attractive offers to your customers.

Payment options: Payable upon receipt of invoice, strictly net

Shipping costs

For shipping costs, please refer to Shipping and Delivery.

Bar range

You can call up all information on our titles in your system via the VLB (Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher). Obtain our books from the intermediate book trade:


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